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Subject:Re: Query Dialog now indexing all .qbe files - very slow
Date:Tue, 19 Mar 2024 17:23:36 +1100
From:Robert MacMillan <>
Some very good questions there.

Same working directory as previous
Project Viewer is open - has to be to use F10 etc.
Same desktop as previous so Project View plus 6 Forms open.
No job file.
Changing working directory to another folder with a single query in it 
works just fine.
Changing to directory without anything paradox in it works just fine.
Changing to same directory on another SSD - clone from 2 weeks ago has 
same behaviour. Ditto for one from two years ago.
Windows indexing is on. Nothing has been changed.

So the next thing I am going to try is do a chkdsk although if that was 
the problem the other two drives tried cant have the same issue.

Anyway. Very strange.

Thanks for the suggestions.


On 19/03/2024 3:59 PM, Kevin Zawicki wrote:
> Some things to try and report back on:
> Working directory, anything change?
> Is working path local or on network?
> Is the Project Viewer open?
> Clean Paradox desktop?
> Does the working folder have a *.JOB file in it?
> Change working directory to another folder, same behavior?
> Change working directory to an empty folder, same behavior?
> Change working directory to another folder on other drive if possible, same
> behavior?
> Windows indexing on? Anything change?
> Robert MacMillan <> wrote:
>> Hi there.
>> this is an odd one. My system has been rock solid for years but
>> yesterday opening the query dialogue box has slowed down dramatically.
>> So F10 - F - O - Q brings up the dialogue box. It now takes around 12
>> seconds for the box to become responsive. It appears that Paradox is
>> scanning all the files in the directory rather than being almost instant.
>> Doing exactly the same thing for Tables or Libraries or anything else is
>> as before. Almost instant.
>> It is as though an index or lookup table has become corrupted.
>> Any help would be appreciated.
>> Thanks
>> Robert

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