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Subject:Re: Pdox11 - Win11 - Print
Date:Mon, 17 Jun 2024 12:57:06 +0200
From:"Ivan" <>

the pdf solution seems to be a good workaround, if I will need it later.

a question to pdf. writer (never heard about Doro before - but found it now 
in internet):
Is it possible to set directly (eg. with OPAL) some properties for the
printed pdf-file (before it's created or after it's printed)?
- set owner and user passwords (to encrypt it)
- set some properties (e.g. pdf can be printed, but not modified ...)

In this case it'll be usable for sending most of the created PDFs directly
with e-mail to the addressee (and not to print them out).

Rem.: I solved this with FreeSpirePDF [Ver 10.2.0 don't use watermarks for
small pdfs - i.e. 1-2 pages] to send invoices with e-mails to customers.
Only thing to do, is to negotiate with the customer a password first. This
solution works just for x64 win-versions (64 bit). For me it's ok, but there
are some users, who uses x86 (32 bit) win-versions by now and therefore it's
not generally usable for all users.


"Jure Z" <> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> Check standard things:
> * short printer names (max 30 chars)
> * set a default printer
> * uninstall unused printers (fax, OneNote, XPS, ...)
> There are still some situatons, where printerSetCurrent() fails.
> On those machines I use Doro PDF Writer which I set as default,
> always "print" to Doro, and then "send" created PDF to printer with
> PdfTpPrinter.exe
> So paradox does not have to use printerSetCurrent().
> Jure
> On Mon, 17 Jun 2024 08:48:22 +0200, Ivan <> wrote:
>> I've read a message about Pdox11:
>> that a user has problems with pdox11 on win11 with the method
>>     printerSetCurrent()
>> This function call allways hanging. Can somebody confirm this?
>> I'm using Pdox9 and use this function too (within each print, to set the
>> desired printer). I myself don't use Win11 by now, but have customers,
>> who use it. No one reports, that he can't print.
>> Are there any experiences with it?
>> Ivan

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