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Subject:Web Server PUT & DELETE requests
Date:Thu, 13 Oct 2016 09:35:07 -0400
From:Jim Moseley <>

So I'm adding an interface to my app from an API that uses GET, POST, 
PUT, and DELETE requests.  I know the CWS OCX can handle the GETs & 
POSTs, but have no idea if it will even see the PUT & DELETE requests.

Does anyone have a recommendation for handling these requests?

Since we also use the ISAPI_Rewrite app to handle the reverse proxy, I 
might have to figure out how to have that redirect these as GETs & 
POSTs, like:
DELETE 'mydata' becomes POST 'mydata_DELETE'
PUT 'mydata' becomes POST 'mydata_PUT'

I can then handle these.

Jim Moseley

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