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Subject:Re: Amazon EC2 instance?
Date:Fri, 11 Aug 2017 14:03:52 -0400
From:"Larry DiGiovanni" <nospam@nospam>
Jim Moseley wrote:

> Has anyone else done this?  Do you have any pitfalls that you ran into?

I have not.  It looks like the only free tier eligible AMIs are all Windows 
Server Datacenter editions.  Might be more difficult to get Paradox to run 
on these.  Looks like they offer everything back to Server 2003.

If you use free tier, I think there are additional hoops to get a static IP 
for DNS.

If memory serves, there is a CWS vulnerability with directory traversal.  I 
think you can close it if you run under a reverse proxy with Apache HTTPD. 
Note that if you want to keep usage low, you could run Apache on a different 
EC2 instance.  There are AMIs with Apache built-in.

Larry DiGiovanni

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