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Subject:Re: Amazon EC2 instance?
Date:15 Sep 2017 10:08:36 -0400
From:"Jim Moseley" <>


I chose Windows Server 2016 Datacenter, with 1gb ram..  It took about 20
minutes to setup, since the OS is already setup in the instance you choose.

The only tricky bit was figuring out how to open the port for the CWS to
wait on.  In the EC2 Console, you have to setup a 'Security Group' that has
the firewall rules, then associate that with your EC2 instance.  

You'll also need a secure certificate, which I already had lying around,
so that was simple.

I haven't yet figured out how much data you can send/receive from the running
instance, but my app isn't heavily used.  The Ethernet connection has had
under 3 GB total sent & received in 35 days, including my rare RDP sessions.

Jim Moseley

Mark Bannister <> wrote:
>Excellent!  What operating system?
>On 9/14/2017 11:28 AM, Jim Moseley wrote:
>> OK, update time.  I created an Amazon EC2 instance, using the 't2.micro'
>> with a 30gb hard drive.  We use a dynamic DNS forwarder (
>> redirect our URL to this instance's static IP.
>> I installed Pdox 9 Runtime & the CWS OCX, and our server app (which keeps
>> track of which clients have updated to which version, and which are/are
>> on support).  The server app is up constantly, since clients could call
>> at any time.
>> After 1 month, this has not incurred any charges!  So, I basically get
>> use the EC2 instance for free.  This was previously hosted on a stand-alone
>> computer, at my tech's house.  They constantly had to deal with connection
>> issues, up-time, etc.  With EC2, that all goes away.  I'm mad we didn't
>> this years ago.
>> Note that I rarely login to the RDP session - it just runs unattended
>> Amazon's site.
>> I hope others can find this useful.
>> Jim Moseley

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