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Subject:Re: WebSrv.ocx not usable under Debian9 wine 2.17
Date:Thu, 28 Sep 2017 19:25:12 +1000
From:Tom Krieg <>
To use the Web Server OCX you have to put it on a form. Then you can 
reference its events such as OnGetRequest and OnPostRequest via Opal. 
But first you have to set the "listening" port (I think it defaults to 
80). The form with the OCX on it has to be running on the Internet 
facing server (or be the target of an Apache redirection).

The Web Server OCX was written in Delphi for Windows NT/2000. That may 
be why you can't run it under Linux/Wine.

Of course I could be wrong and it's a simple problem.

GŁnter wrote:
> ok, that do not work,
> but how you detect the incomming of an request in CWS?
> Paradox has no event for this, WebSrv.ocx do it, but not in my case.
> GŁnter
> PS: out of business until 10.3

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