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Subject:Re: Charts
Date:Mon, 15 Jun 2020 11:50:02 +0200
From:Anders Jonsson <>

You need to create the chart on a Paradox form and then save it to JPG.

You can do this in code, something like this:

ui	UiObject
gVar	graphic


ui.action(editcopyselection) sleep()

gVar.writeToFile(GetAliasPath("PRIV")+"\\chart.jpg", graphicJPEG)

You can of course use a separate hidden form for "displaying" the chart 
so it will invisible for the user.


Den 2020-05-22 kl. 19:24, skrev Joe Insalaco:
> Tom, Are you suggesting that I create the chart in paradox and simply display
> the .jpg in  html code? That won't work because the user will have to generate
> it on the site.
> For example, user fills in from and to dates to define a range of dates to
> display earnings by date in a chart.  The routine has to be dynamic.
> In other words, I'm stumped.
> Joe

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